HPDE & Club Racing

You spent all that money, now you want to see what it can do.
Driving cars as they were meant to be driven is a passion. Working the line again and again for tenths of a second. Telling yourself over and over ‘slow in, fast out, slow in, fast out.’

At HWI Motorsports, we approach the insurance coverage we offer the same way we approach the track – with relentless attention to detail. With our On-Track programs, you can choose the coverage program that best fits your needs providing physical damage protection on your car for that peace of mind (and some say 2/10ths of a second).

For coverage on a per event basis we’ve partnered with Hagerty. You can simply click on the link below to obtain a quote, apply and even purchase coverage.

Per Event up to $175k in value

Annual Coverage, Club Racing & Member Day Packages

If you are already addicted and looking for something more we offer annual coverage in either a 5-event package or an unlimited events option. Due to the extremely broad coverage this program offers as well as the preferred pricing it is not offered on a standalone basis and has qualifications we need to talk about. Please shoot us an email or give us a call.

Some of the benefits of this program include:

Agreed Value Coverage

Agreed Value Coverage
Up To $100,000,000

Driver Club Member

Driver Club Member
Days Coverage

Multiple Vehicles

Multiple Vehicles
All On One Policy

Multiple Drivers

Multiple Drivers
All On One Policy

Automatic Coverage

Automatic Coverage For

Worldwide Coverage


Off Track & Storage

Unfortunately, you can’t drive your cars on track all of the time. Having the right insurance coverage is always important, even when your cars are off track and in storage. At HWI Motorsports, our off track and storage program provides physical damage coverage for your race cars while they are:

  • In storage
  • Being transported
  • Moving under power around the paddock

Let’s Talk

95% of the time insurance isn’t something you should buy online. If you are our type of client you wouldn’t buy just any car because it’s the cheapest. What you want matters and the same goes when purchasing insurance. There are just too many variables that influence what coverage amount is appropriate for not only each and every person but the same person in different scenarios. Shoot us an email or give us a call so we can help tailor coverage to fit your needs and so that you understand what you are paying for.